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How to Safeguard Physical Boundaries During a Quarantine

Hi from quarantine! My snacks are gone, my TikToks are perfected, and I’ve been wearing the same pair of yoga pants for three days. How are you?!

Quarantine brings with it a unique set of challenges. As your “new normal” unfolds, you may find yourself struggling to set and keep physical boundaries with your significant other. Although saving sex for marriage is rewarding, it also requires a great deal of intentionality.

If sticking to your boundaries has been challenging in this season, here are three ways to safeguard yourself and your partner.

1. Be intentional about your setting

Instead of hanging out behind closed doors in a bedroom or basement, choose to spend time in a communal living space like a kitchen, family room, or front yard. Avoiding secluded environments will protect you from making physical decisions in the heat of the moment.

2. Be intentional about your time

Set a curfew for yourself. Studies reveal that individuals make their worst decisions late at night and first thing in the morning. Mental and physical fatigue can lead to choices you later regret. Set and stick to a time frame for hangouts. A good example would be afternoons from 1 pm-4 pm, or evenings from 5 pm-7pm when family members are present.

3. Be intentional about your activities

There’s a reason “Netflix and chill” is code for sex. Rather than binging a show on the couch, opt to play games with family, go for a walk, wash the dog, or cook a meal. Take this time to engage in one another’s hobbies - this could be playing the guitar, hitting the trails on a mountain bike, or working on your three-point shots.

As the quarantine unfolds - being intentional about your setting, time frame, and chosen activities is a great way to honor yourself and your partner. Remember, setting boundaries is not about deprivation, it’s about protecting what you truly value.