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The Greatest Love Story of All


Infallible, unconditional, sacrificial, all-consuming, never-ending love.

That’s the kind of love that is beautifully written through every part of the Christmas story.

Love is why our Heavenly Father sent His Son to be born into poverty, experience the unique joys and sufferings of this world, and then willingly take on our sin and our punishment on the cross.

Love is Christmas.

But the love that is so intricately woven through the gospels here in the beginning of Luke isn’t just about God’s perfect love for us; it’s also about our response to Him.

“Let it be according to Your Word.” (Luke 1:38)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always marveled at Mary’s response. It’s easy to read her story through our lens now. She was favored and chosen by God to carry the Savior of the World! Has there ever been a greater calling than this?

But make no mistake: when the angel of the Lord appeared to her, he presented her with some pretty scary things.

In the time of Christ, being pregnant and unmarried would have greatly harmed Mary’s future. She could have lost her betrothed, her family, and her standing in society. Mary said “let it be so” knowing what was at stake – knowing she could have lost it all.

But wait. Her story gets even better.

Not only does she say yes to God but she continues to respond to her circumstances with worship. “My soul magnifies the Lord…He who is mighty has done great things for me. Holy is His name!”

I have no doubt that by this point in her young life, Mary was already intimately acquainted with God’s agape love. There is simply no other explanation for this type of faith. She walked in it, devoted herself to it, and had seen God’s faithfulness in her own life and in the lives of others time and time again. Trusting the Lord to this magnitude was a learned response, like a fortified and well-exercised muscle.

So, when God asked her to do something hard, something that didn’t make sense, she unequivocally said yes.

Why? Because of her complete and utter devotion to her God. Because of love.