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Together We Can

This is the month of marches – of speaking our minds, of being loud. This is the month of publicly announcing what we believe in and why.

We believe in peaceful protests, marches, and walks. We’re proud of what women have accomplished through raising our voices. Without marches and speeches, Alice Paul might not have ever pressured President Wilson into supporting the suffrage amendment - one of the largest steps towards equality for women in this country. We absolutely need to keep marching, walking, and speaking up.

But we also believe in affecting change within ourselves and our community – now. This starts with us standing together on the issues we do agree on and supporting women and families no matter the law or the politician in charge.

Together, we can create a culture where women in unplanned pregnancies are supported rather than shamed.

Together, we can build resources in our cities and come alongside women during and after pregnancy.

Together, we can shower single moms with support and be her village.

Together, we can encourage women to share their stories and find love and healing instead of hurt and shame.

Together, we can help strengthen new families with parenting and relationship help as they navigate a new world.

Together, we can say “YES, SHE CAN” so that’s always the loudest voice in her head.

Together, we can show the world that women are tough, brave, capable, and resilient.

Together, we can create a culture that values women, her family, and her children.

This is what we believe in.

We believe that together we are stronger.

We believe every woman deserves to be loved and supported, no matter what decisions she has made in her past.

We believe in always telling women what she can do, how strong she is, and that she is never alone.

We believe in creating villages.

We believe in the power of motherhood – planned or unplanned.

We believe in the dignity and value of all human life.

We believe in women raising their voices - standing up for other women, families, and children.

We believe in being a voice for the voiceless, the left out, the forgotten, the misfits among us.