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Yes, She Can

"Can she do it all?"

It’s a fairly common (and quite frankly annoying) question women still get asked, even in 2020. With more women in the workplace or enrolled in college than at any other time in history, women often feel like there are only two tracks: career or family.

Society and culture have come a long ways, but many people still say to do those things means you have to give up one area of your life to pursue another.

"Can a woman be a great mom and accomplish her dreams?"

We’ve heard some of these answers, and we’re sure you have too.

“No. You can’t possibly reach all your career goals and be a mom with young kids at the same time. You must choose one or the other.”

“Yes. But not at the same time.”

“Unfortunately, no. That’s why abortion is necessary. Women need it to be free to pursue their dreams.”

“You can work and be a mom, but you won’t be able to go as far professionally.”

“Sure, you can. If you’re a man.”

Sorry. Nope. No way. We won’t accept that.



We know women are far more capable than they feel at times.

We know that being a mother doesn’t have to hinder future plans.

We know that motherhood can give women more passion, strength, and courage than ever before.

We know that choosing to be a mom can give them the fuel to work harder, smarter, and get more done.

An unexpected pregnancy can throw anyone off their game for a minute, but we've seen countless women bravely stare into the future and say,


If a friend or someone you love finds themselves in an unexpected pregnancy and feels lost or unsure, show them they are not alone. If she needs extra support, contact your local pregnancy center. They offer free services, classes, and resources for new parents.

Be the person who helps them block out all the noise, the negative words, see past today, and envision her future – a future where she is doing everything she is created to do AND rocking motherhood at the same time.