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Pregnancy Testing

We provide lab-quality pregnancy testing for anyone who thinks they may be pregnant. Test results are confirmed at our center before scheduling additional services. 

Pregnancy Options

Explore your options in a judgment-free zone. No matter what you decide, we are here for you with answers and support. At your first appointment, you can learn more about:

Medical Consultations and Abortion Information

Our nurses are available for free medical consultations regarding your reproductive health. If your pregnancy test comes back positive, we can provide accurate information and answer any questions you may have about:

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Pregnant patients may be eligible for a limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm gestational age and the presence of a viable, intrauterine pregnancy. An ultrasound is needed to rule out a miscarriage in progress or an ectopic pregnancy and can also determine costs and options prior to an abortion.

STI/STD Testing and Treatment

We provide free STI testing and treatment for the most common sexually transmitted infections for women and men. No insurance required.

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